SEO updates 2018

Hi there, I'm a  Search engine optimiser and link building strategist. I have 5 + years of experience in this field, mainly into search engine optimisation and link building. As the websites grow  it is very difficult for seos like us to do most research in order to top serps for our desired keywords. 

Link building nothing but the process of getting external website links to a page on our website. It is one of the technique used in search engine optimisation (SEO).Links are important since Google confirmed that links are the number ranking factor and content too place a vital role in order to top in Search Engine Result Pages.

Google always comesup with various algoritham updates according to time and updates will be rolled out slowly trying to fight againest any unethical seo practices.

Google Panda Algo focuses on quality of content.
Google Penguin Algo focus on  quality of links.
Google Hummingbird is a core algoritham focuses on semantic search and knowledge graph 

Please below useful  Dofollow links 2018